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TravelStash.comA new solution that is out in beta, TravelStash can be compared to an online journal which can be used by internauts the world over in order to chronicle their voyages all across the globe. Think of it as a personalized blogging platform for those who like to travel, if you wish.


The system also enables users to create a group for the discussion and sharing of information like itineraries and articles, as well as photographs and assorted media. In that sense, it can be said that the site has a true social flavor to it.

In addition to documenting their past and current journeys, users can employ TravelStash as a wishlist of places that their long to visit. Other community members can offer their advice, and tell each other about places that must be checked out at all costs if that travel ever materializes.

Longfellow once wrote a poem named “Travels By The Fireside”. I was reminded of that poem when browsing through the site, and I couldn’t help but think that it is an evolution of the concept the author of Paul Revere’s Ride set down in that composition. What do you think? In Their Own Words

“Basically, TravelStash is a blog. It’s a blog with a map. It also lets you keep a wishlist of places you want to visit.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those who like to travel the world over and share the experience will relish having an online meeting point such as this one.

Some Questions About

How will the site evolve over time?

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