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Travelmuse.comThe next time you are in need of some travel ideas, tips and planning advice, check out TravelMuse which is part online travel magazine and part trip planner. The site is currently in beta mode and could be expanding but it is currently focused on package deals and not on more “off-the-beaten-track” experiences.


If you are looking at going on vacation and are on a shoestring, TravelMuse does have some great tools to offer. Simply enter your location, your budget, and the types of things you like to do, and TravelMuse will suggest destinations and hotels in your price range. There are also lots of original articles on the site about various destinations if you aren’t sure exactly where to go and these are tied to a “get inspired” box—depending on what you enter in the box, TravelMuse will suggest articles that might inspire you enough to decide on the location of your next vacation. In Their Own Words

“Whether you are looking for destination ideas on where to take your next family vacation or you have all the details figured out, TravelMuse makes the entire planning process easy for you. TravelMuse combines original editorial content and destination city guides with powerful planning tools.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

People will like being able to enter their budget and have destinations and routes suggested based on that. The “get inspired” box might also be enjoyed by those who want to get away but don’t know where to go.

Some Questions About

Will they be incorporating more user interaction and opinion into the site? It would be far more useful if users could vote on their favorite destinations because as it currently stands, TravelMuse is just a nicely designed travel magazine.

Author : Caroline Bright

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