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TravelJournal.comAs its name implies, Travel Journal is a platform that will let you document your trips both during and after their duration, in an easy and intuitive way. Over 7 million locations the world over are included, and by joining the site you are not just creating a space where you can set down and narrate what you did for others to read – you are actually joining an active community that revolves around the concept of traveling on the whole.


You will be capable of finding new places to head to, and also learn in which ways your passage or stay at these new places could be more fruitful. You will have a greater chance to learn about local customs and knowledge before actually getting there, and in that way you are certain to avoid making the typical mistakes that foreigners always make when they visit an exotic location for the first time.

An account is created at no cost whatsoever, and the site is so intuitive to use that it is fair to say it can become a reliable companion for modern adventurers of every kind – both first-time travellers and seasoned explorers will get something out of it for sure. In Their Own Words

“TravelJournal: the latest, most advanced online authoring and publishing platform for travel writing.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Using it feels so natural that it is certain to attract people both young and old.

Some Questions About

Will premium features be introduced later on?

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