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TraveLibro: A Social Networking Platform to Share Travel Experiences and Book Vacations

If you’ve ever taken a trip anywhere, you’re aware of how many hours and countless searches go into planning, checking reviews, and finding the best prices. You might be able to find the cheapest hotel rates on one site, but have to go to a completely different site to read what other travelers thought of that hotel. At TraveLibro, they recognized the huge opportunity to merge social and e-commerce into one cohesive travel eco-system that anyone could use.


TraveLibro is creating a new world of travel with their platform that not only connects travelers with other globetrotters but also connects them with travel businesses. The company gives local travel agents and online vendors a direct connection to a vast customer base, that can book a trip right on the platform. No more multiple searches to find the best deals and the best reviews – they have put both in one place.


How TraveLibro Works:

  • Shared timelines – any moment captured by travel groups doesn’t have to be shared separately but rather can be documented together
  • A real-time rating system – users can review their experience instantly, capturing their true mood
  • A Past Journeys feature – the app automatically creates timelines of user’s past trips
  • Local Life – allows users to see others’ local experiences
  • Social content – users have the ability to post journeys on other social media platforms
  • Curated Content – gives users suggested must-dos, itineraries based on their travel preferences, hotels and restaurants and more
  • Live Influencer Journeys – travel influencers use the app as a travel journal and share their experiences for users to view

They’ve Traveled Far:

TraveLibro opened their doors back in December 2014 and have accomplished a great deal since then:



TraveLibro is free and the sign-up is so quick and painless it will take you no time at all. The app currently has 50 professional bloggers and social influencers included in the 15,000 registered users. They’ve been featured in over 25+ media platforms which helped them reach 25,000 website visitors per month and they’re only accumulating more viewers and stories of their experiences.
Come join the fun!


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Author : Kait Walrath

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