TravelBirds is putting the Social back into Travel Reviews.

Travel review sites are notoriously unreliable. Often the haunt of many spammers, the sites can quickly go from useful to aggravating if you’re simply looking for good, reliable information about what to see and do.

Anonymous commenting accounts are a large part of the problem found on legacy travel review sites. Readers can’t even be sure if the people commenting have actually seen the site they list, or whether they are posting paid review content.  

TravelBirds launched just this year, the brainchild of Max Darby, who currently runs the stie himself. It was designed to bring some of that “personal touch” feeling back to travel booking, by building a place for travel-vertical sharing among friends and family.

The site is designed with a unique Founder/Trailblazer rubric which applies icons to the accounts of users who are the first to report on a given city/specific attraction. In this manner, users develop a sense of “personal responsibility” for each new item they list, and are able to keep track of, and correct, other people’s reviews about attractions already listed.

The upshot is a travel directory where the users create all the valuable content for free, simply by engaging in the regular back-and-forth tug-of-war that is social media, in a forum specifically designed to engineer this dynamic.

As CEO Darby explains,  “With an ever changing world and busy lives the importance of making every moment count matters. TravelBirds is the best way to share with family and friends what to do with those moments.”

Badges and social are the most novel part of the TravelBirds site, and if you visit them at you can browse their deep archives of site-specific photos, maps, and other helpful resources for all your travel planning needs. 

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