Travel by Exchanging Homes for Free With 48 dots

Our habits have changed since COVID-19. We now work from home and want to travel for longer periods of time to change up our environments, yet are unable to do so. Some of us are retired (and may even have second homes) but can’t live our dreams to travel the world like we planned. Why? Because most of us just can’t afford to pay the prices that the travel industry is trying to press on consumers to make up for lost time. Now, even Airbnb owners are realizing all of the properties they bought up aren’t profitable because many people aren’t able or willing to pay such high prices.

With the launch of 48 dots, travelers no longer have to pay for travel accommodations. They can swap homes for free. I stay in your home, you stay in mine. It’s that simple. Now people can travel longer, farther and to more places with more controlled costs. Owners of Airbnb properties can even use their space on Airbnb some days but 48 dots on other days, allowing them greater versatility with their property.

Here’s how it works: Homeowners sign up to join our platform and submit an application for review. Then, users participate in a video interview, allowing the 48 dots team to get to know you. If it’s mutual, they will invite you to their membership site where you can list your home and look at other homes available for swapping. Once you find a home you want to stay in, you request a swap with other members. When both parties accept a request and pay the exchange fee, you get a key lockbox in the mail along with instructions for the home you’ll be staying in.

If you’re travelling for more than one night, 48 dots is a no-brainer. You’ll pay $150 per swap (that’s less than 2 nights in many short or long-term rentals!), with tons of perks and services including:

Background Verification | Trust and safety are 48 dots’ forte. They make sure every member of the community is properly vetted. Members must show evidence of care and responsible behavior. 

Cleaning Between Stays | 48 dots works with a variety of cleaning services across the country to handle all the arrangements between home exchanges.

Concierge Services | Members exchange homes freely in trusted groups, but if you don’t find what you’re looking for, just call the 48 dots team and they will try to make your perfect swap happen with a member from another group.

Key Exchange | 48 dots supplies all members with a secure lockbox that allows community members to enter homes with easy access.

Community | The 48 dots Customer Experience team gets to know each member before they join so that they can match people together for equitable swapping. They consider travel preferences and lifestyles to build lasting connections.

News & Events | When you’re in a new city or neighborhood, it may be hard to find the cool stuff. Don’t worry, 48 dots has you covered. They’ll send you news and events so you can stay in the know.

Ready to get started? 48 dots is making it possible to swap homes with people just like you. It’s simple, safe and far cheaper than a typical short- or long-term rental. Check them out at to learn more.