– Mobile Alerts For Commuters

Travalert.comThere is nothing more aggravating than missing your bus stop because you have fallen asleep. It makes no difference where it was you were headed to (although it is all particularly terrible if you fell asleep when going to work), such a situation is sure to get your whole day to a bad start.

Well, someone has devised an application to prevent that from happening any more. It is named Travalert, and you are reading about it now.

Travalert works by waking you up whenever you are near your destination, as determined by the GPS of your phone. It does so either by vibrating the phone, or by playing a song from your music library – whatever you know will work out best for you. If there is nothing that would make you jump through the roof like the opening riff to Layla, then just set that as your alarm.

Travalert is a paid app. It is available for iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices. In Their Own Words

Never miss your stop again.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Being late for work because you got asleep while commuting is a nightmarish way to start the day. This app can prevent that from happening.

Some Questions About

What about adding support for other vehicles besides trains and buses?