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Trap.itTrapit is one of the newest ways in which you can customize the news that you read online. This new application is powered by the artificial intelligence which has made Siri such a success, and I’m sure that alone is reason enough for most of you to want to learn more about it.


The way Trapit works, now, is not that different from how other content discovery platforms work. The more you use the site, the more it gets to know you, and to recommend new content that you’ll be interested in. But the process in which you individualize the content that is appealing to you is a bit different, as you’re given the option to “trap” it, and have it turned into the basis for all the content that’s ever put your way. And if your interests ever change, then you simply trap the kind of content that reflects your new way of thinking.

Content can be trapped in many ways, too, as you can trap full URLs, phrases and even single words. It all depends on the complexity of what you’re interested in, and how unusual it’s for such content to be posted online. In Their Own Words

Trapit works for you 24/7, capturing what you want, serving it up fresh and spam-free all day long.

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How long must you use Trapit before its results are 100% spot-on?

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