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Transferr.comTransferr is a new solution which is defined by the team behind it as “speed-dial for the web”. What does that exactly mean, and how accurate is that definition? Let’s look at the nuances of this new system in order to determine that.

What Transferr does is to take pictures of the sites you feature as part of your collection of bookmarks and create a sort of homepage from which you can access them. Think of it as a sort of visual bookmarks manager.

A Transferr homepage can be configured at will, and you can choose the colors that best reflect who you are. Once the icons are in position, you are free to rearrange them, too. That is carried out in a simple drag and drop fashion.

An aspect that is very important and that was fortunately taken into account is that you can access your Transferr homepage from any device that has an Internet connection. That includes not only desktops but also mobile phones.

Summing up, I find the tagline the company chose to advertise its product quite appropriate. If you want to arrive at your own conclusions, just pay the site a visit and create a free account. In Their Own Words

“Transferr is an online application which allows you to add your favorite websites as icons to your own personal page. You can customise your icons with colors, share them with friends and drag and drop them to keep them in order. You can also organise your icons into tabs which allows for your own organised system.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a concise and representative way of dealing with your bookmarks.

Some Questions About

Are all browsers already fully supported, or is using a specific browser desirable?