– Transferring Mobile Credit

Transfer-To.comIn case you want to make an online top-up transaction to a relative in other part of the world, could bring you a possible solution. This site provides you with an online application you can use to make payments all over the world just by sending an SMS. Pay this site a visit and learn more about this payment solution.

Do you need to make a top-up transaction to other country? Would you like to do so just by sending an SMS? In that case, Transfer To is what you are looking for. This online service lets you make online top-up transactions all around the world with your mobile phone. Feel free to stop by and find out more about it.

In conclusion, when it comes to online top-up transactions, this site might worth a try. You just have to visit to find what you need to make payments through your mobile phone. In Their Own Words

“Transfer To™ is a global mobile airtime network enabling small value transfers through mobile phone. With this solution, migrants can send mobile credit from their mobile phone or through retailers to their friends and relatives back home. For example, an Indian user living in the UK can transfer recharge from his mobile phone to the mobile prepaid account of his brother in India. Transfer is immediate, fast and secure. Reload is in real-time and both sender and receiver are immediately notified by SMS.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

People who are migrants can but appreciate a solution that lets them ensure every single cent they spend will be put to a good use indeed.

Some Questions About

In which countries is this service exactly available? How much do the fees that are charged differ from one country to another?