Trampoline Systems – Sonar Dashboard Enterprise Network

Trampoline SystemsSonar Dashboard, or the “Facebook for the enterprise,” has just been launched by U.K.

-based Trampoline Systems. The new system connects colleagues within a company, similar to the existing popular social networking system Facebook. The concept of Sonar Dashboard is to allow employees to collaborate with the people they need at work, including those with a different area of expertise. Each employee is provided with a unique profile that is automatically created and updated from their daily work activities. Users may search, add, and communicate with colleagues, regardless of geographic and departmental boundaries. All employees have control of the information that they share in the networking system.

Trampoline Systems In Their Own Words

“Trampoline Systems is a London-based provider of enterprise social computing software. Trampoline’s SONAR Dashboard enables employees to connect based on the organisation’s social networks and employees’ work and expertise. It provides an automatically updated profile pages, and visualisation and search to enable employees to navigate their organisation to connect with the people they need.”

Why Trampoline Systems It Might Be A Killer

Trampoline System’s Sonar Dashboard cuts across boundaries that typically tie employees to their own departments, expertise, and geographical areas. This system has the potential to vastly integrate organizations, and maximize the talent of all employees. It also has the ability to decrease time and effort expended by employees, and increase efficiency through greater communication.

Some Questions About Trampoline Systems

Are there organizations outside of the large enterprise market that could find this system useful? What techniques may be utilized to inform the target audience about this service? How may Trampoline System simplify the transition period while organizations adopt the system? Trampoline Systems