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TrafficTalk.infoA service which is quite clever, Traffic Talk will let commuters know all that there is to know about the traffic lying ahead, and pick up the roads that will help them get to their destinations faster.


“But don’t we have traffic maps that already do that?”, I hear you say.

The answer is yes… and no. As a service, Traffic Talk is entirely powered by users; it is truly a “People-Powered Traffic Information Service” as its creators so aptly put it on the website.

Using Traffic Talk can be compared to joining a live conference environment in which everybody is sharing information about the traffic conditions of the place where is located now, or that he has been to just a couple of minutes before.

And Traffic Talk is a voice-based mobile service. It won’t increase your chances of having an accident in any way or the other. You will be able to keep you eyes on the road at all times while you are listening to the conversation, and making your own contributions to it. In Their Own Words

“TrafficTalk is solving one of the biggest problems we all face: You get stuck in traffic, but it’s almost impossible to get the information you need to figure out what to do–from the radio, your smartphone maps or even your navigation device. Nothing works.

TrafficTalk is the answer. We offer a free service for drivers on mobile phones, where people come together in a LIVE conference environment and share details about traffic conditions, helping one another avoid or escape back-ups.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

By offering commuters a chance to shorten the time they spend on the road, Traffic Talk is actually giving them a true productivity boost.

Some Questions About

Which mobiles are meant to be supported in due time?

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