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TrafficAmigo.comTraffic Amigo is a new web service that can let any commuter know about accidents which could delay him on his way to work. This is done via SMS – all that the person has to do is specify the city he is in, and the time of day he wants to receive traffic alerts. A daily text message will then be sent, at the time he has selected.


Signing up for Traffic Amigo is done by supplying the phone number that the messages will be sent to, and by picking the relevant city from a drop down menu which already has most major American cities. And once an account has been created, then the user can sign out of the whole system by replying with the words QUIT to any alert that he has received.

This service is good as it stands, but it will be all the more interesting when email alerts also become deliverable. And extended timezone support is also meant to be added in a future update. In Their Own Words

Traffic Amigo is a simple service that notifies you via SMS about accident delays before your commute.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Commuters will be extremely grateful for having this information well before they catch their buses or trains.

Some Questions About

When is the next major update scheduled for?

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