My Xbox 360 For Your Springsteen Bootlegs? Trade Stuff Like A Boss On Eborhood


It’s a beautiful day in the Eborhood, a beautiful day in the Eborhood… You know you want to sing along with me. Or maybe you’d rather trade me your weight set for my karaoke machine and have me work out something other than my musical aspirations? Either way, if we live near each other, I promise to stay friendly in our Eborhood.





Eborhood is a community platform where neighbors can trade stuff (like goods and services) locally without fees. The startup hopes to build a convenient and secure environment for some old-fashioned bartering.


Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Yes, we already have Craigslist and eBay, but both are problematic. With Craigslist it’s difficult to know who you’re dealing with (and the site attracts an alarming amount of scammers). As founder Rajan Babaria might tell you firsthand, arrangements to exchange items can go dreadfully wrong. Unloading a few lawn ornaments shouldn’t feel like a game of cloak and dagger. Eborhood members have their identities and addresses verified, so you know you’re doing business with actual neighbors. Any money involved is held back until transactions are completed. The site further cautions to meet in agreed public places.





Unlike eBay, there are no additional posting fees, transaction cuts, or PayPal fees. Instead, Eborhood has teemed with Jumio and Dwolla to minimize fees and facilitate secure transactions. Happy customers are invited to tip Eborhood for lending a helping hand. Offering a great service and website come before making a fortune. And the Eborhood team has good reason to trust in karmic repayment – they met as a result of Babaria listening to a Buddhist monk and pulling over to offer roadside assistance to stranded developer Kali Donovan.


See Something, Trade Something

Trades are conducted onsite with an easy drag-and-drop system. Make and receive offers anytime from locals, whom you can connect with by a map search or by browsing for items you’re hunting for. Sure, you can do more standard buying and selling as well, but the trading system is the site’s most standout contribution. There is space on the platform though for electronic neighbors to share job listings and more.


Mr. Babaria’s Eborhood

Eborhood is based in Austin, where Babaria attended the University of Texas. In addition to the trading website, he also founded Ipelion Healthcare, a startup focused on providing neighborly health services such as home health care, physical therapy, and occupational therapy, in the Dallas / Fort Worth area.





Connect with Babaria on LinkedIn. Stroll to the Eborhood on Twitter, or find more information at “Won’t you be…”


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