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TracksOnAMap.comEvery music fan asks himself the same question at one point or the other – is the song I listen to day in and day out a hit everywhere, or is it something that is only catching on in my country? Of course, the answer can be found by checking any of the endless charts covering the whole world that exist. But if you are looking for a different (and certainly more entertaining) way to figure that out, the Tracks On A Map website is worth tuning into.

Its name is quite unequivocal, actually. The site comprises an enormous world map where different markers denote radio activity. By clicking on any of these you will be able to figure out what is it that people are listening in that specific part of the world. Alternatively, you can delve into the database by genre and see which one are the most played from pole to pole.

I also think a service like this one will be helpful for musicians that want to see how well their songs are doing in foreign territories. In that sense, the site is a true tool for analyzing how music is being consumed across the world. In Their Own Words

“Tracks on a map.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Music lovers and musicians themselves will find this practical and useful towards creating new bonds, and making old ones stronger.

Some Questions About

Is the map updated in real time?