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TrackProfiler.comTrackProfiler is a new web service for the sharing of GPS tracks. Such a service is ready-made for those who love trekking, jogging, cycling and (generally) all the people who take their sports seriously. They will be able to share the best routes they have discovered in their years as sportsmen. And they will also be able to edit them later on, and make both annotations and corrections on the spot.


And a service like this one is also interesting because it lets users store all the routes that they have ever found, and ensure these will be accessible forever more afterwards, even if something bad has happened to their mobiles.

Getting started is really easy, as you can log in with your Facebook, Twitter or OpenID account. You will be able to start sharing everything right away, and go through these tracks that more seasoned people (IE lifelong sportsmen) are sharing. In Their Own Words

TrackProfiler is the place to store, edit and share your GPS tracks online.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes for storing and keeping an ordered record of every track you have ever discovered in your life.

Some Questions About

Can tracks be tagged? If yes, how many tags can be used per track?

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