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TracknGraph.comThe Web 2.0 landscape is full of community websites, on-line spreadsheets, and tools that are targeted at specific tracking needs, such as weight loss, diet and exercise, baby development, financial budgeting, sales goals, website visits, friend counts — you name it and you can probably find it.

But every person and organization has slightly different tracking needs, maybe you just need one more piece of information, or maybe you want to see the information presented in a slightly different way than the application provides. Track-n-Graph is a web-based tracking service that breaks through the limitations of today’s existing solutions by letting you define what information you want to track, how you want to collect it, and how and who you want to view it. With this service, you can create a tracker from scratch, or you can use our unique Tracker Catalog to find a Tracker Template created and shared by another Track-n-Graph community member. In Their Own Words

“Track-n-Graph is a FREE web-based service for friends, family, and co-workers to track and graph information.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

There are a few features that really help this service stand out from other tracking services: You can define your own tracker to collect and graph data about anything you need. You can collect that data using your internet enabled mobile devices and an interface designed specifically for mobile use. You can graph combined data from any of your trackers, such as graphing calories with your weight, workouts, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. to see how they all relate. You can share with friends and family, create Team Trackers for groups, or publish on your blog or social network profile and it is free.

Some Questions About

Will they improve the design of the site? This will probably help to increase the number of visitors to the site.