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TrackMyShipments.comIn an effort to make tracking your packages and mail easier and less tedious, TrackMyShipments has automated the whole tracking round about. Usually, if you want to check out the status of your box or parcel, you’d have to log in to your inbox, fish around for your shipping confirmation number and copy and paste it into the company website.

Not a big deal really, but those few minutes you spent could readily have been used in a more productive manner. With Track, all you’ve got to do is forward your confirmation email to [email protected]. Track will then send you updates via SMS or email about the status of your shipment. It will tell you about any delays, current location, and expected pick up date. Sign up is free. The service is also available for companies. In Their Own Words

“The OLD way: Wondering what happened to that shipment which was to have been shipped last week, you resort to searching through your Inbox to find the ‘We Have Shipped Your Order’ confirmation email. Finally finding it, you Cut & Paste the Tracking Number into the shipping company’s website and luckily discover that the shipment is being delivered tomorrow. Next time you want to check the shipment, you start the whole process over again.

The TRACKMYSHIPMENTS way: Forward all your
‘We Have Shipped Your Order’ emails to

and TrackMyShipments automatically tracks your shipments with all the major shipping companies and keeps you up to date (via email and/or SMS text messages) on each shipment’s status, location and any delays. It’s as simple as that!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Track does save you a bit of frustration and tedious cutting and pasting. In a world where technology promises to make everything faster and easier, Track doesn’t let you down. Useful for companies too, as customers will be notified automatically and needn’t spend company time contacting customer service.

Some Questions About

How up to date are these updates? What’s the marketing strategy? Do people really mind having to cut and paste so much as to warrant this app?