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Tracklister.netThe Internet is awash with livesets you can either download or listen to from your browser. These are uploaded on a mostly informal basis – after all, many people just want to share their music in a fast way, and getting down to a minute specification of this or the other file would be too time-consuming.

And people to whom music is a hobby might simply not have the time to move beyond a certain point, and get down to the degree of self-organization that one associates with the promo men of a professional musician.

That is the reason the Tracklister website has been created: to bring some sense into the many collections of livesets that are around by specifying what it is that they include track by track.

The service is absolutely free, of course. And it is usable from the word “go” as well. You don’t need to sign up, but doing so is advisable – it is only if you do so that you will have access to an advanced dashboard, and gain access to a full set of statistics. In Their Own Words

“Tracklister is a global system were everybody can add/listen/download Livesets! There is only one rule: the livesets need a tracklist.Once the tracklist is added on Tracklister it becomes more powerful with a lot of extra features instead of a static tracklist.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Fans of music will surely be thankful for the time they can save though something like this.

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