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TrackHappy.comTrackHappy is a new service that can actually be described as a sort of social experiment. The site explains that this initiative had its origins way back, in the year 2004.


Back then, a notebook was left in an airport with instructions that explained how to pass it from person to person, after every one who held it had written down his or her name on it. Ultimately, the notebook was supposed to come back to a provided address, but it never did. It is either still travelling around the globe, or it was unfortunately recycled along the way.

This site expands on that concept, and it aims to create a system whereby users create a trackable item and send it right away. The one difference this approach has from the one mentioned above is that items are constantly tracked through the WWW, and you will be able to know if your item has ended in a truly faraway location.

As it is pointed out online, the idea is to provide some free entertainment, and also share items that mean something to you with others and see where they end up. If this concept spices your interest, make a point of visiting the website in order to learn more in person. In Their Own Words

“TrackHappy is an online utility that lets you tag physical objects, set rules for how they must be passed from person to person and track them as they travel. Read stories and interact with the people who come in contact with your items.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is an interesting experiment to say the least.

Some Questions About

What do you think that happened to the notebook which originated the experiment? Is it still doing the rounds, or did it end up in a trashcan instead?

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