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Traackr.comSo you spend hours creating and updating your Facebook, Flickr, MySpace, YouTube, and other personal media online..

But you have no idea how many people actually see what you’ve released into cyberspace. With, you can actually track your online “popularity” and see how you stack up against others. Simply provide your account information for sites like those listed above or others like Dailymotion, Lastfm, or Revver, and this service will track your traffic and calculate your buzz and popularity ratings on a 100-point scale. Each photo, song, video, blog post, etc. is considered an “asset,” and you can see how often each asset is viewed, how many comments it receives, or create graphs to see how it performs over time. You can also create “campaigns” – essentially groups of assets – to track how things perform as a group or to compare one campaign with another. With the “Explore” feature, you can check out other Traackr users and their assets, or see how your performance compares. In Their Own Words

“If you have pictures, videos, music or even reviews scattered across the Web, and you have no idea how many people are looking at them or responding to them, Traackr is the ultimate answer. Not only does it track anything you want on the most popular sharing sites, it also lets you measure your influence and interact with other content producers just like you. There’s enough stress in creating beautiful, thoughtful work to have to worry about keeping track of it on top of your other worries. Let Traackr do the tracking for you and become your content marketing tool.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Given the amount of time people pour into their personal online media, it makes sense that there would be a lot of interest in a service like this. True, some sites already tell you how many views your blog, photo, etc. has received, but Traackr provides all of this information in one place and provides tools to group these items into “campaigns,” giving it potential use from a business and marketing standpoint.

Some Questions About

What are the Buzz and Popularity ratings based on? Could Traackr incorporate tips, resources, or outside links to help users to increase the popularity or buzz of their underperforming assets and campaigns?