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Tpstry.comTpstry is a new alternative for families that want to upload and store all their pictures online. The defining note of Tpstry is that it lets users archive an unlimited amount of images, and these all become hosted in a unique URL that only those who are authorized can access. And Tpstry is a very intelligent service in the sense that it takes an active role in categorizing all the photos that are uploaded.

You see, users are asked lots of questions regarding all the people on the images that they store, and taking that information into account Tpstry will organize memories by people, places, events and timeline. In this way, users have to do little organization and categorization once a certain amount of questions has been answered.

Granted, some of the questions that Tpstry asks might be deemed as a little nosey (for example, it tends to ask for email addresses and phone numbers), yet it must be pointed out that questions can be easily skipped. So, those who are concerned by their privacy (and that of their loved ones) will have nothing to worry about. In Their Own Words

Discover and share family memories.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes for storing (and unearthing) family memories in a really versatile way.

Some Questions About

Can you upload images in any resolution?