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TownSync.comAre you looking for worthwhile events and activities within your community? If that is indeed the case, this new service can be counted upon in order to remain fully updated on what is going on at any given time. In principle, TownSync revolves around local community pages that list events and promotions along with classifieds and deals.

What’s more, a “Town profile” is provided for each and every location that is featured online alongside this homepage and the calendar of events.

Of course, as well as checking the site out in order to figure out what is happening where you live, you can also check the TownSync page of any city that you are going to visit and find out what to expect where you finally get there. This is particularly important if you (like me) hate wasting time deciding where to go when you already have arrived someplace. I feel it is much better to have a sort of schedule for maximizing your time, and a resource like TownSync does that and much more.

Finally, the site will be specially appealing to local businesses that are looking for more exposure. They can advertise who they are, what they do and let the community at large learn about any special promotion, even carrying out promotions of their own online. In Their Own Words

“Townsync is a social calendar for businesses, organizations and people from your town.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Such a service brings local communities together, and it also makes them more accessible to outsiders who are going to visit them.

Some Questions About

Are countries the world over supported? If not, will they be supported in due time?