– Share Video Updates With Friends

Tout.comTout is a new social service that is meant to become the standard way in which we capture all the memorable moments in our lives. The key concept here is that of using our smartphones to capture small videos of anything good that happens to us, and then have these shared with all our loved ones.

In a certain way, this service feels like a Twitter for video – instead of sharing tweets, you are sharing touts. Which is quite interesting, of course – instead of sharing a line of text you are sharing images and sound in as fast a way as when sending out a micro-message. But other than that (significant) difference, Tout acquits itself just like Twitter – it lets you follow people around (and be followed by them), and see whenever anybody has posted an update in real time. In fact, Tout works in tandem with Facebook and Twitter, as you can keep your whole social graph fully updated on what you are sharing with zero effort – they will instantly get all the relevant notifications.

For the time being, Tout is available only for those who have an iPhone. The application can be downloaded for free at App Store. In Their Own Words

Tout, the network for real-time video Status Updates (Touts). Tout enables people to quickly and easily update their Facebook friends and Twitter followers with real- time short video Video Status Updates, captured from smart phones.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is like Twitter, but only that here there is a stronger visual and aural element at play.

Some Questions About

Will it become as popular as Twitter itself? Or will it just play a secondary role?