– Virtual Tours

TourFactory.comThe web page offers clients packages at reasonable prices, which enable users to create their own personalized virtual tours for their own web pages.

The site works as follows: costumers fill the signup document, where they agree to start working with this company. Both arties agree on a form of payment and the process begins, where take responsibility for filming the virtual tour, editing it and delivering it to the clients. All the costumers have to do is provide the archives and information necessary for the company to carry out their work. The site provides users with real examples of previous work and with testimonials of current costumers. In the site, you can find and area that contains the listing of all the prices, categorized as silver, gold and platinum, which differ in that you can hire for 2, 5 or an unlimited amount of active virtual tours per month. For either plan you chose, you can find a list of benefits and things included for any category. A list of special packages is also listed below, with its corresponding explanation and description. As additional services, the company offers a trial for potential costumers, maintaining that you can “try every feature; buy when you’re ready”. A search tool is also included, where users can type in the ‘Virtual Tour Number’ and check out the animated tour online, free of charge.