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TopStockTweets.comIf you are looking into ways of making it big in the stock market, help can come from more angles than one. Some are conventional, and some are a bit offbeat.

This site definitely falls into the offbeat category, if only because the platform it is fueled by is one that has become massive recently. Obviously, by looking at the title of the site it dawns on you that such a platform is no other than Twitter.

The site acts as a repository of tweets that are directly related to the stock market. These include tweets that contain tips, as it only makes sense – what better than a real time platform for conveying that information? Besides, you can see the most tweeted symbols of each day and try to anticipate what will happen by coupling that with the provided tips. Alternatively, you can search for any specific stock by using the provided functionality and analyze the way it has been evolving.

When all is said and done, this joins the line of sites and resources that demystify the stock market as a whole. The days you needed to be an outright expert are long gone, and the Top Stock Tweets site makes it clearer than any other website I have seen in a long while. In Their Own Words

“Online stock trading and investing tips from Twitter stock market experts.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site enables those who have always wanted to sample the stock market a ready chance to do it.

Some Questions About

Which other searches can you carry through the site? Which ones could be added?