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TopProspect.comThe Social Web is a great place to catch up with friends and (generally) goof around, but it also has uses far more purposeful as this new platform clearly shows us.

In essence, TopProspect is a recommendation service that lets you help your best friends land jobs at companies that are a good match for them. The way everything works, TopProspect couples your friends with open positions at companies that go with them. The idea is that you will let them know about such positions, and if that referral is fruitful (IE, if your friend ends up getting the job) then you are going to be paid for your efforts.

It is a simple idea, and one that works really well. You are not required to do a lot more than making the connection, and when things work out you are directly paid.

Currently, works with more than 80 companies from every corner of the world, and this includes startups of the caliber of Zynga, and Asana. In Their Own Words

Connect your friends with their dream job.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a rewarding service in the broadest sense of the word – you help friends get jobs, you get paid, your friends become employed? everybody wins.

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How much money can you earn like this?