Top Education Startup Companies to Watch Today

Education startup

There’s nothing more important than learning something new. Sure, you may have what you experienced from college and whatnot, but there’s already room to expand. That makes education an important factor as you establish your new business. And that also means perhaps calling upon education startup companies to assist you in your quest.

Now, before you go, “Hey, I know what I’m doing!”, do not get us wrong. You may have that fancy degree, and you’ve earned it. But an education startup can specifically help with learning. Some are aimed more at children, while others are general tools to help teach certain aspects of things. It just really depends on the approach, the design, the marketing, and what the education startup is all about.
That said, we have a good starters’ guide to help you along when it comes to the best education startup companies. Some may suit your needs better than others (especially if you’re not a preschooler). Still, they serve as fine examples of how to do education right in the business world. And that still stands even if it’s not necessarily a program for yourself personally.

Aeroclass, the Flying Startup

First up, let’s go with an unlikely education startup that will suit those that just saw Top Gun: Maverick. (Or fly for a living anyway.)

Aeroclass serves as a platform helping those learn their flying wares through a number of available programs. There are literally thousands of you out there that are in the aviation market, and this serves you best. The education startup features a number of paths for people to get a better understanding of new tools within aviation. It does so with a number of modern learning methods, as well as technologies to give you an idea of how they work. It’s very hands-on, but also very user-friendly.

The program benefits from having a number of well-knowing instructors that know all about flying vehicles inside and out. What’s more, everything is taught through digital means, so you can learn everything no matter where you are. On a break from the office? Check-in and see what you have on your slate. Or maybe save your next session for a weekend. Whatever you choose, Aeroclass will have you flying high with knowledge.

Dreambox Learning, the Adaptive Learning Startup

What is something you rarely see in the education startup market these days? Something that leans upon the method of adaptive learning. However, Dreambox Learning, established in Seattle in 2006, is all about this.

Utilizing a number of adaptive learning tools, Dreambox Learning provides hours’ worth of comprehensive tools for users of all types. It also utilizes the best in technology to teach in various areas, namely mathematics. And considering the world needs more accountants and other employees that know this, it’s a crucial field.

What’s more, the approach that Dreambox takes is slow and steady, but progressive. That means students and others that use the service learn at a pace that’s right for them. No pressure jumping into the world of algebra until they’re good and ready. (We’re sure many of you are breathing a sigh of relief over that one.) It’s this kind of adaptive learning that makes Dreambox Learning one of our favorites out there. The positives simply add up.

Coursera, the Wide-Open Startup

Last but certainly not least, what about an education startup that allows people to choose their own learning path? We’re talking across 150 universities, with a number of programs that are at their fingertips. That’s where the cleverly named Coursera comes into play.

Created in 2012 in the heart of Mountain View, California, Coursera is all about offering students the opportunity to connect. This means finding the right university for them, exploring courses, and then taking a plan of action. What’s more, there are tons of options available here, instead of following a certain pre-set series of classes. That can make all the difference for some, especially those just getting started.

Coursera teaches through a variety of on-demand video lectures. In addition, it also lets students communicate through various community forums. This is great if they have questions or just want to talk about what they learned over the course of a class. It’s a very social service, and one that, again, lets students do things however they see fit.

Coursera has taken off with the help of an e-learning initiative, meaning students can practically learn from anywhere. That should cut back on college costs considerably, letting them learn at a much more affordable rate. No wonder it’s a big hit right now with over $313 million in funding – and growing up the day.

We hope these education startup companies guide you into a brighter tomorrow. Don’t be afraid to learn something new!

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