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Search No Further Than Toolbird For Awesome Tools For Your Startup

Today’s Killer Startup: Toolbird



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Elevator Pitch:

Toolbird is lists of entrepreneurs’ favorite tools.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

There are so many tools out there to help online entrepreneurs, undoubtedly because startup founders so often tackle their own pain points. (Hello to you, all eight million product management tools I’ve reviewed over the years!) While a quick Google search will turn out scads of whatever you’re looking for, it’s hard to know which tools laid out before you are the best of the best. A startup founder could spend copious amounts of time and money — two things she undoubtedly doesn’t have a lot of — trying to find the ones that suit her best.


Or she could just go to Toolbird.


Toolbird lets startup founders and entrepreneurs make lists of their favorite tools. Others can add on suggestions as well as vote on other people’s suggestions for existing lists. The trending lists at the time of my writing this post include tracking tools, monitoring, favorite IFTTT tasks for entrepreneurs, best add-ons or extensions for Gmail, and resources for UI/UX testing. It’s a great resource of anyone looking for peer advice on which tools stand out from the vast, vast sea of startups.


And of course, it’s potentially a great way to get word out about your startup. Founders can create their own lists and gain “expert points” on the site. You can also submit your company as a suggestion to someone else’s list and increase the number of eyes on it.


The internet is a wondrous place, full of so many tools claiming to make your startup better that you couldn’t possibly sift through all of them on your own. Stop wasting your time and get on Toolbird today for recommendations from your peers — who have already been through it all themselves.



Searching for awesome tools to make your #startup better? Search no further than @toolbirdcom


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Author : Emma McGowan

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