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Tompstar.comMusic lovers all over the globe: might be the place to visit. provides users with 512 free Mb in downloads. But things keep getting better, if you upload a song then, you win 10 free Mb in downloads. This system assures that the site library will keep on groing and groing. But there is also another way to gain access to 10 more free Mb that is by doing a succesful referral. A user can post 25 referrals, so the user can win 250 free Mb with referrals. This can be a very good site for music lovers!!! In Their Own Words

“Welcome to, the world’s first online MP3 player and storage facility that allows you to upload and play your own MP3s and files to access from anywhere in the world!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This website might grow to be a killer because it allows users not only to download music, but to upload, so the music library will grow bigger and bigger. The latter will attract users to

Some Questions About

Why should users visit this website when there are so many websites like it? How are the planning to gain profits? Do they have sponsors? Do they have advertisement space?


Blog is coming soon, and so is the T-Share service mentioned above, which I’m looking forward to. They currently have upload limits of 6.5Mb per file, which is more than enough for most mp3s, but apparently unlimited size uploads are coming too!