– Know Your Couple Better

Tokii.comTokii is a site for these busy couples that end up communicating via SMSes and instant messaging, and just need something more personal and relatable to keep the passion well alive.

On Tokii, couples can interact online by playing games. For example, the site includes a section named LoveZones in which each person can tell his other significant one exactly how he or she likes to be loved. Then, there is an application named MoodMeter for users to show each other precisely how they are feeling, and for letting each other know when they need a couple of words of encouragement. And a section named TradingPost is there for couples to highlight their exact needs.

Taken together, all of these games have the same objective: letting couples who can spend only a limited amount of time together maximize it, by having to rely less and less on guesswork and know just what the other wants. In Their Own Words

Helping busy couples stay in love.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The way everything works, couples will get to know each other perfectly without even knowing they are doing it.

Some Questions About

Which other games are going to be added to the existing ones? Who is going to design them?