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TokenAds.comTokenAds is a virtual currency that players of online and social games can use in order to subsidize their in-game expenditures. This currency is accumulated by way of interactions with local brands and sponsors


That is, the platform allows users to earn in-game credits by filling in offers that are relevant to their actual fields of interest (something that is easily discernible when we are talking about fantasy games a la World of Warcraft).

Upon filling in any of these forms, the user is awarded with the credits he looks for and the application owner (that is you) gets a commission for the referral.

The platform itself is already available worldwide, and multilingual support is actually provided. That is nothing short of vital for engaging users – the more relevant the experience that you provide them with, the bigger degree of involvement and loyalty you are fostering. Moreover, the process of signing up is really straightforward – a one-page signup service is provided, and that is also a positive aspect any way you look at it. In Their Own Words

“The TokenAds solution is an ad-based micro payment platform for online credit based games, MMOs, communities and social applications. The platform allows users to earn in-game credits by engaging with top tier local brands and sponsors.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The amount of money that is generated by online and social games is simply astonishing – there is a ready market for such solutions.

Some Questions About

What will happen to platforms like this one the day when Facebook credits become the de facto currency for social games?

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