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TogetherVille.comAs a parent, you are often put in the complicated situation of having small children who want to become part of a social site like Facebook, while common sense dictates that they are too young for becoming that exposed. But try explaining that to them.


Well, you won’t have to. This new social site is aimed at children who are under 10. Named TogetherVille, it lets them engage in interactions which are suitable for their age. They can play games, create art and (generally speaking) lean new social and communication skills.

Furthermore, you (as a parent) are given the chance to create what is termed “a neighborhood of friends and family” using Facebook, and control exactly what is going on at all times. As a parent, you will keep a controlled list of friends, and you will also be able to tweak with exhaustive privacy settings in order to ensure that the experience is an edifying one from start to finish.

When all is said and done, this social resource will let the little stars of the household become a part of the social web, but without being exposed to any of its inherent risks. In Their Own Words

“Online neighborhoods for kids and their grownups.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Social networking is something that everybody wants to be a part of. This site makes that a possibility as far as children are concerned.

Some Questions About

How popular can this become? How is it going to be marketed?

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