– Do Things With Friends

TODOFeed.comNo matter what it is you have to do, you will do it much faster if you have some friends around to help you out and share some duties. The ones who created this new web service were more than aware of that, as TODOFeed can be defined as a project planning tool that will let you get things done with the cooperation of all your friends. And you will be able to do that without having to pay anything for an account – the service is free from start to finish.

Users of TODOFeed are enabled to create projects and invite all the friends they want to them. The project itself will be broken down into lots of different tasks, and the idea is that each person who gets invited to the project will actually take care of one of these tasks, until the whole project is covered.

The people who are invited to the project are actually the ones who choose which task they want to take care of. Which is a good idea if you ask me – that avoids the problems that arise when someone is allocated a task that makes him feel like a fish out of water. In Their Own Words

TODOFeed helps you share your tasks with the people you know. Tasks are done faster when shared with others.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Doing something collectively ensures that it will get done not only quicker but also better.

Some Questions About

What else can this application be used for?