Today Fit Turns The Fantasy Of A Personal Trainer Into Reality

Does personal fitness seem out of reach? Keep in mind the history of the phone…


Now that nearly everyone has a cellphone, it’s easy to forget that when the telephone first came on the scene it was an oddity available only to the rich. What does this have to do with fitness?




Well, personal trainers might have been only for celebrities and professional athletes until recently, but things are changing. We are rapidly approaching a time when everyone will have access to a professional and affordable trainer.


Technology makes it possible to follow training content – live or recorded – virtually anywhere, from teachers located anywhere in the world. It’s all about delivering the right  instruction at the right price…


Today Fit aims to smash through the final barriers preventing individuals from getting fit. Beginning in 2017, Today Fit will provide personal training and custom fitness programs online.


Anyone, of any age, will be able to obtain online video coaching and nutritional advice via Today Fit, either on desktop or mobile devices. After being assigned a personal trainer for free, users will receive a daily workout and nutritional advice – and the all important motivational encouragement.


What does Today Fit get right?


The startup is smart to include nutrition. Too many fitness platforms entirely overlook this component of wellness. And all the exercise in the world can only have minimal positive impact so long as you follow a poor diet.


Daily workouts help turn improved fitness into a habit, which can make Today Fit a long-term solution for staying healthy. The flexibility of online platforms is convenient and makes it possible to fit workouts into a variety of schedules, but, without supporting a routine, it’s way too easy to fall out of shape.




Professionalism makes Today Fit trustworthy. Leading the startup is 7-time champion fitness model and Level 4 Personal Trainer Alexander Edwards, who has worked with “… many diverse people, families and schools within his community to improve their health and introduce them to a healthier, happier lifestyle. He is also a student of psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, using that knowledge to help improve not just the physical health but the mental wellbeing of others.”


Last, but certainly not least, Today Fit is online personal training that you can afford. The first week is free and the cost afterward a remarkably reasonable £1/week. Compare that price for a custom fitness program to the average gym membership, and Today Fit is an easy choice.


The new year isn’t far off, but if you’re anxious to train online with a coach today, you can register for Beta and learn more about the company at


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