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Toadtastic.comToadtastic is a homepage that looks not dissimilar to

The one difference is that it employs part of its white space at the bottom to display a random/funny/interesting picture. The idea is that visitors will then have immediate access to the top images of the day, without having to execute any specific or specialized search process. All they have to do is load their browsers and simply refresh the page to see another random pic.

These images are all rated PG-13 or below. The idea is to make the site a safe abode for the whole family, and not let anybody out of the basic concept. That is a good move, as children are certainly 100 % keen on content such as this one.

The success (or not) of Toadtastic will be based upon the concept that people love random, funny pictures and they love simplicity. I guess it all depends. Personally, I think I can live without a random picture on my browser, but I can realize that different people want different things. If you are the curious kind, and the kind that wants to be surprised at every turn, a site such as this one will surely come in handy. In Their Own Words

“Toadtastic is designed as a homepage for anyone who enjoys looking at a random funny or interesting picture before searching the web. Toadtastic combines the Google search engine with one of these random pictures that displays on every page load.

We created this website because we thought it’d be nice to be able to see a random funny or interesting picture every time you load your homepage. But we also didn’t want you to see the same old recycled images over and over again. That’s why we only show you the newest images, uploaded every day. If you happen to cycle through all of the images uploaded for that day, don’t worry, we’ll upload a new collection the next day.

All pictures on Toadtastic are rated PG-13 or below to provide a workplace-friendly and mostly family-friendly site. Enjoy!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those who look into having a more fun-oriented experience when browsing the web will certainly find it worth a look.

Some Questions About

In which ways could this service be further expanded? What about adding videos?