– Make Making Choices Easier

Tjooze.comLife is full of choices: where to go out to eat Saturday night, where to go on vacation, etc…. Your friends are there to help give you sound advice and suggestions.

Tjooze can help you get advice and suggestions from your friends and quickly. Tjooze is a service that allows you to make polls. If you concern at the moment is where to go for spring break you can make a poll and see what your friends decide. Making a poll is easy. The first step is stating the question “Where should I go for spring break” you can add additional information if you would like, such as your budget, past travels, whatever you think could help your friends make an educated decision. Then you add some options: 1 Disney World Florida, 2 Dominican Republic, 3 Negril Jamaica, etc… There is a maximum of 8 options to list. Then you can send your poll out to your friends and see what they suggest. The votes will be shown on a graph. Tjooze is great to use for group decisions that are annoying to make because coordinating a group of people can be impossible. Make making decisions easier with Tjooze. In Their Own Words

“Tjooze is a simple, free service that can make your life a whole lot easier by gathering other peoples preferences on any subject you like. “

Why It Might Be A Killer

Tjooze is a great domain name. It is true that it is easier to make a choice when you have your friends’ opinions. Tjooze makes it easier and more efficient to get everyone’s advice and suggestions. Making the polls is easy, a straight forward 3 step process. The examples of when people have used Tjooze are nice because it gives people visiting the site ideas of when to use the polls.

Some Questions About

It would be nice if you could add images to the poll so that if the poll was, “Which shirt do I buy” there could be images to better inform the people taking the poll. There are other sites to make pools at that can be used in the same manner as Tjooze. How will Tjooze deal with competition?