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TJMaxx.comAt the T.J. Maxx website ( you will find a whole lot of information related to that great department store chain. Today, the company has 900 stores in all the country, plus a few in Germany, Poland, the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom.

The website gives you every detail about the company and all the reasons why you should buy at their stores. Apparently they are in no lack of those. The 60% discount they offer in designer fashion and brand names compared to other department store prices might be the first of these reasons. They also stand out for buying season clothesall the time and not at the beginning of each season. In this way you will find new things each time you visit the shops, even if you pay weekly visits. shows you as well all the different departments where you can shop, which include ladies’ accessories, jewelry, ladies’ footwear, beauty, activewear, women’s plus, baby, juniors’, men’s, kids’, and home. So it is possible to find things for all the family and for every age.

The better prices that T.J. Maxx offers are obtained by negotiating with department stores which have over stocked because they bought in excess. In this way they are able to transfer the savings to their clients. If as you read you can’t wait to stand from your chair and go to a T.J. Maxx store, you better know where the nearest one is located. So just take a few seconds more to click on the “Find a store” button, enter your zip code and see a map showing you how far you are from them.

And if you want to surprise a loved one, you can send a Gift Card directly from the website. Just choose the design of the card, its value, and proceed to checkout. In a few days that special person will receive his or her Gift Card at the mail. In Their Own Words

No sales. No gimmicks. Just brand name and designer fashions for you, your family and your home, for up to 60% off department store prices – every single day.

Why It Might Be A Killer will contribute to people’s savings by offering discounts in clothing, a regular and unavoidable expense for everybody.

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Would an online store widen T.J. Maxx’s market by reaching out to clients who are far away and thus increase their sales? Are they planning to make it?