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Tired Of Online Dating? Maybe You Need To Be More Baesic

While online dating is undoubtedly getting more and more popular, there’s a secret that all of the online dating sites don’t want you to know: Almost no one actually likes online dating. It’s a laborious process, requiring so many dates, awkward encounters, gross messages, and (for the ladies and some men) unsolicited dick pics. Online dating has created almost as many problems as it has solved, whether you’re talking about questionnaire-based sites or “hot or not” swipe sites like Tinder.


Sure, more and more couples are meeting via online dating sites today — and more are predicted to meet that way in the future. However, there still hasn’t been one site that solves all of the frustrations of meeting people via the internet. For example, while Tinder solves the time problem, they also have the issue of a high rejection rate and a site based on superficiality. While sites like OkCupid and go a little deeper, anyone who has used those sites knows that they can suck up hours upon hours of your life.


And, of course, no online dating site has yet solved the most major problem of online dating: How to determine if there’s any chemistry between you and your date, before meeting in person.


Baesic aims to change all of that by bringing online dating back to basics. They ask you only the most basic criteria, so that their search function concentrates only the things that matter. They promise to “connect you with potential baes faster” and also allow users to upload videos, which helps throw a little bit of personality into the mix.




Baesic is also free, simple for anyone (even an online dating newbie) to set up, easy to use, and is “100% video friendly.” They hope that the video function will be a good step toward solving that all-important chemistry issue.


Online dating kind of sucks, but online dating isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Get back to basics with Baesic and make online dating suck a whole lot less.


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Author : Roger Hollings

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