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TipTheWeb.orgMany people fail to realize the effort that goes into coming up with an appealing site or blog. Still, there are lots of individuals that are aware of the work undertaken by webmasters and bloggers who believe in what they do, and devote a considerable amount of their time to the creation of resources that are useful above everything else. And these individuals are the ones who will get what this site is all about at once.

Tip The Web is a system whereby those who visit a site can make a donation to the one who has created it. These donations take the shape of tips, and they can range from ?5 to $100. And the actual tipping process is implemented by installing the Tip The Web bookmarklet. That is done in a breeze, and from that point onwards you will be able to tip the content that you like right as you are browsing.

All in all, quite a well-devised way to let you support these bloggers that always enliven the dullest of days.

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Support Your Favorite Stuff Online.

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It will let you show these bloggers that always make your day how thankful you are for their work.

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