Tipalog.com – Where Tips Are Collected

Tipalog.comTipalog is nothing more and nothing less than a website where tips are collected and catalogued. On this site, you are bound to find illumination on most topics that you could possible think of – categories go from “Cooking and Food” and “Health and Wellness” to “Education”, “Business” and “Do-it-yourself”.

Thankfully, a pivotal category such as “Personal Finance and Money” is also included. With the way things stand right now, I bet that is the one most people are heading straight to upon first checking the site.

Each and every featured tip follows the same pattern – you get a small introduction about the topic at hand, and then a series of tips is displayed. Entries do not include pictures or anything that could distract you – everything is kept to-the-point.

On the whole, quite a simple way to learn more about a wide variety of subjects. Personally, I like the way the site is arranged, without unnecessary embellishments or anything that could make the user’s experience lose focus. And I bet many will like it for that very same reason, too.

Tipalog.com In Their Own Words

“We are an online, easily searchable catalog of tips, providing high quality information in a simple to read format on a variety of subjects.”

Why Tipalog.com It Might Be A Killer

By providing articles in a tip format, the site lets anybody find what he is looking for in a quick and efficient manner

Some Questions About Tipalog.com

Is the site open to submissions by users? Tipalog.com