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Tinyproj.comDevelopers, designers, illustrators and copywriters who are looking for a gig and who’re running out of options will most likely see the light here. Tinyproj is meant to connect them with people who could use a hand with some short-term projects. These can post exactly what they’re looking for, and they can do so really quickly – a project pitch can be created in less than 1 minute, and the person posting the job can remain completely anonymous. It’s just a matter of specifying what they need to get done, and how much money they’re willing to pay for it. The idea is that only small projects with realistic budgets and timelines will be included on


Once the project pitch has been created and approved, it will be duly sent to all the users of the site who meet the requirements that have been set down there. The ones who think they are up for the challenge will be able to get in touch directly with the person who needs the job done, and start talking things over.

Projects can be listed on the site for $25, whereas job seekers can join Tinyproj absolutely for free. In Their Own Words

Tinyproj connects talented developers, designers, illustrators, and copywriters with folks who need a hand with paid, short-term projects.

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How many registered users has the site already got? How quickly is it growing?

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