Tinmantech.com – Metal Forming Tools

Tinmantech.com is the website of TM Technologies, a company that provides metalworking tools and supplies along with information for the safe use of such equipment. As a result, this website is made up of the following four sections: “Shop Products”, “Education”, “Information” and “Inspiration”.

The tools that you can buy on this site include forming machines, torches, welders, rust removers and safety products such as earplugs, faceshield gear and Kevlar gloves.

For its part, the “Education” section includes information on all the workshops that are made available by the company. You can read course descriptions, view photos, read testimonials and see what a typical workshop day is like.

And the “Inspiration” section is made up of the following categories: “Gallery of Metal”, “Metal Working FAQs”, “Metal Working Articles” and “Sources”.

Finally, the part of the site named “Information” is where you can learn more about the company itself, and order a print catalog.

So, the aim of this site is not just to let people buy these tools that are needed to work with metals, but also to show them how to use such tools both with efficiency and creativity. And with its clear design and rich content, Tinmantech.com achieves such an aim more than satisfactorily.