TimZon.com – Online Video Discussions For Enterprises

TimZon.comVirtual teams have gone from being something we read about in sci-fi comics to a tangible reality. Such a development was certain to pose a new set of difficulties, and these are being constantly addressed by a hefty influx of applications and solutions such as the one we are discussing right now.

As you can see from the title of the review, this is a tool that makes for online video collaboration. Such a solution makes for coordinating efforts across dissimilar time zones, and bringing together distributed workforce via the web in a setting as live as it can be. That is, you create a project, invite those who are going to be part of the team, and then proceed to collaborate online by posting videos.

Note that this new service is currently in beta, and in order to use it you must be a Google Gmail user. If you are not one and are interested by such an approach, a link is provided for you to get an account in no time at all. As a result, if you are tired of interacting via e-mail and related channels, it can be said that this site offers a viable alternative.

TimZon.com In Their Own Words

“TimZon is the private video discussion solution for the Enterprise.”

Why TimZon.com It Might Be A Killer

Teams who wish to interact in a setting as dynamic as possible are certain to take a liking to it.

Some Questions About TimZon.com

When will the project be open to every type of users, and not just to those who have a Google Gmail account? TimZon.com