Timetric.com – Search And Store Statistical Data

Timetric.comPresented by a team that is based in the United Kingdom, Timetric is a service that aims to let the public at large make sense of the flood of data that characterizes the modern world. Think about all the numeric data that you come across on a daily basis: prices, temperature, rates, taxes… This solution is there in order to let you put all that into perspective and finally analyze the way it moves as time goes by.

As it is explained online, the technical expression for such a service is “time series analysis”. Whenever the data is updated, that should be immediately reflected on the analysis itself, and new conclusions arrived at. Suitably enough, you can set alerts in order to be informed should any value you are interested in fluctuate.

If you want to get started, you will be able to resort to data that has already been collected by the team from sources such as the European Central Bank and the Federal Reserve System. Alternatively, you can import your own data either by hand or by uploading an Excel file. Note that the service is still in beta, so don’t expect everything to work flawlessly. And if you come across something that should not be there do make a pointy of contacting the team so that they can set that to right.

Timetric.com In Their Own Words

“Timetric is a service for storing, searching, graphing and publishing the world’s statistical data.”

Why Timetric.com It Might Be A Killer

If you have a penchant for numbers and figures, this site will be a sort of Nirvana for you.

Some Questions About Timetric.com

What has to be improved before the site drops its “Beta” tag? Timetric.com