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TimeToKnow.comHailing from Israel, Time To Know is a startup that aims to redefine the way knowledge is imparted at schools today. The main tenet of the system is bringing education from a passive role into an active one.


That is, the notion of children quietly sitting while the teacher pedantically explains concepts is something which is not only becoming obsolete, but also something which turns not to be that nurturing to either side. That is why this new system offers a personalized solution that learns from each student’s strengths and shortcomings, and something akin to a personalized experience is made possible. This is all the more appealing if only because it solves the eternal problem of students in the same class having a variant speed in which they can assimilate new concepts.

The one drawback Time To Know might have is that for it to work satisfactorily every child must have his own computer. That will certainly pose a difficulty in some cases (IE, developing countries), and that is all the sadder because it is such countries that could really maximize something like this. The teachers and the staff must also be trained, and that is another expense hat has to be met. But the trade off is fulfilling for everybody, as nurturing the minds of the children that will become the men of tomorrow is a task that deserves the biggest investment of all. In Their Own Words

“Time To Know’s breakthrough solution, created for one-to-one computing classrooms, includes an interactive core curriculum aligned to your state’s standards and a powerful digital teaching platform with robust teaching and learning tools.

Time to Know’s proven solution empowers students toward greater achievement and deeper learning.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Any tool that can enhance education so exponentially is almost indispensable.

Some Questions About

Is there a way for governments to easily subsidize the implementation of something like this?

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