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Escape From Scheduling Hell Is Just A Few Taps Away

Ahh, the freedom of creating your own schedule – until you have to manage it on your own. When will you be free to take clients? Did you miss a call and lose out on a great opportunity? Before long, freedom becomes just a pretty word for stress and never enough time.



TimeTap makes sure you stay in control of planning and managing your time. It’s a free, web scheduler that lets you handle as many appointments as you care to book. After an easy initial setup, TimeTap puts scheduling on autopilot, freeing you to concentrate on other tasks.



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Simply enter your hours of availability and the types of services you offer; give the schedule the look and feel of your brand if you care to; and then make sure clients can find the web scheduler – either by embedding TimeTap onto your website or by directing guests there.


People can then book appointments on their own. You no longer need to worry about missing calls and losing business, because TimeTap is always there to take the appointment for you. This ends the anxiety that comes with remaining on constant standby and the nightmare of beginning each day by plowing through a heap of missed emails and phone calls.



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TimeTap is a convenient solution for those who can’t afford a personal assistant. After all, work needs to get done, and no one can spend all of their time scheduling. For freelancers, independent business owners, educators, doctors – basically anyone who operates an appointment-oriented business – TimeTap can put the free back in freedom.


Alerts, reminders and follow-up messages further help keep up with appointments, while fluid calendars make visualizing the work schedule easier. Perhaps more importantly, TimeTap works on mobile devices, so both patrons and clients can address scheduling concerns on the go.


TimeTap also auto-adjusts then confirms timezones, which is a thoughtful feature given how service providers are spread around the world and multinational businesses are becoming more commonplace.


Most of us love the flexibility that technology gives us in both our work and personal lives. On the other hand, most of us barely keep our days straight. Coordinating with others can resemble a contortionist act – one person works every 3rd hour of the day, another strictly in the evenings. Ask someone when they’re available and they might treat you to options that look like this: Mon, 10-3; Tues, 3-8; Wed 9-12; Thurs 4-7; Sat 1-6. In a different time zone.


With TimeTap, the process of making appointments is streamlined down to a few clicks, eliminating time-consuming back and forth exchanges and the headaches of negotiating shifting schedules.


Prefer to automate your schedule in about 5 minutes? Want to book clients without them waiting to hear from you? Find out more about how the TimeTap scheduler can assist you at


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