TimePanther.com – Track The Time You Work

TimePanther.comTimePanther is a time tracking utility that is tailor-made for freelancers and independent workers. It will enable them to create as many projects for client as they need, and use a series of timers to keep track of the time they are devoting to each of them. And the priority of each can be adjusted manually, as it is possible to organize everything using a drag and drop interface. Timers can be sorted by project, and projects can be sorted by client. Time can start being tracked in a click, and it can be stopped tracked in another.

And a really interesting feature is that TimePanther comes with a calculator for determining exactly how much you should be earning. This calculator works in real time, and it will let you have a ready understanding of how your efforts are translating into an income.

The site is in beta as of the time of writing this, and everything is available for free to all users. When the site moves out of beta, though, some (advanced) features such as being able to generate invoices and integrating the service with BaseCamp will be available only to paying users.

TimePanther.com In Their Own Words

Simple time tracking for the busy freelancer. Easily track your time straight from your web browser with a single click.

Some Questions About TimePanther.com

When is the site moving out of beta? What will happen to the accounts of the people who had registered during the beta period? TimePanther.com