Timelope.com – Keep Your History In Check

 Timelope.comAre you tired of the constant sharing of content? Are you fed up with Twitter and the countless other social networks? If you are, then you should try out Timelope.com.

Through this site, you’ll be able to download a Firefox extension that will allow you to keep track (and share, if you want to) your browsing history. This will make it easy for you to let your friends know about something you might have stumbled upon. You can sort your pages too. This will make it easy for you to go back to them when you have time to check them out more closely. Anyone worried about privacy should probably stay clear from this add-on, but as they make it clear on the site, you probably don’t have surfing privacy as it is. With this, you’ll at least be able to choose what you share with others and keep what you want to keep private from them.

Timelope.com In Their Own Words

“Timelope captures the base of your web existence, tracking and sorting as you surf. You can keep your account private or push it public. Either way, Timelope has a lot to offer.”

Why Timelope.com It Might Be A Killer

This is a great idea that allows you to share links right through your browser. If it grows, it could become the standard of link sharing online.

Some Questions About Timelope.com

Is avoiding a good privacy policy smart? Why share the pages I’m surfing through?  Timelope.com