Time for a re-design?

Redesignly is a dynamic duo from Winchester, a city in the UK. The company helps small brick and mortar businesses to redesign their websites with minimal effort and cost.

Why we love it

Redesignly is a breath of fresh air. In a world obsessed with tech startups, the cloud, and ‘virtual companies’, the team at Redesignly have turned their focus on helping brick and mortar companies with all their website needs, totally for free.

High street businesses all over the world have been in trouble for some time. When the likes of Amazon can introduce drone delivery, it’s little surprise that smaller companies are struggling to keep up. In many cases, however, these small companies do not help themselves by having less than perfect websites. The old rule: “don’t judge a book by its cover” is dead. Having an unattractive website is now a very serious problem; Stanford University reports that almost 50% of all consumers think an unattractive website is off putting.

Enter Redesignly: the team actively aims its services at so-called non-techy companies. Basically, if you’re a luddite business owner with serious website problems, Redesignly is the team to call. Founders Chris and Joel have a background in software consultancy and are used to helping big corporate clients. The inspiration for Redesignly came to Chris John when he received a phone call from a business owner in distress, who desperately needed their website fixing. After finding that there were limited affordable options available, he decided – along with co-founder Joel Calliste – to start this new company.

Unfortunately for the company, the need for web designers and re-designers might be short-lived, given that droves of millennials are about to start creating and designing their own businesses and websites – a generation defined by its ability to spend hours designing their MySpace pages as teenagers – the need for website designers could be all too brief. Similarly, as IT lessons move on from word-processing to coding, SME business owners will, in time, be perfectly capable of building their own websites. This is an inevitability.

For now though, Redesignly is safe. There are plenty of 35-and-older business owners that just missed out on being digital natives who will need their help. They just might have to work hard to make hay while the sun shines.


@Redesignly is the only website builder that is 100 percent tailored to the needs of brick and mortar #SMEs. It’s also totally free.